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Improve your golf with PGA Pro Kris Nicol at Dunes Golf Centre (Fraserburgh)

Peter Myers PGA Professional Dunes Golf Centre

All of these classes are suitable for men, women, juniors and all levels of ability.

Each class is limited to a small number of people to ensure you get plenty of attention on your game.

Wedge Play
Do you struggle to hit the ball close with your wedges?
Whether you are a high handicapper or scratch golfer, improving your wedge play is the quickest route to lower scores.
This class takes place over 3 sessions on these dates
1. Monday 26th April 7-8pm (Full wedges)
2. Monday 3rd May 7-8pm (3/4 wedges)
3. Monday 10th May 7-8pm (1/2 wedges)
BOOK HERE: https://dunesgolfcentre.as.me/wedgeplaywithkris

Short Game Masterclass
Learn the secrets to a great short game and see your scores come tumbling down!
This class takes place over 3 sessions on these dates
1. Saturday 1st May 3-4pm
2. Saturday 8th May 3-4pm
3. Saturday 15th May 3-4pm
BOOK HERE: https://dunesgolfcentre.as.me/shortgamewithkirs

Stop your slice!
If you are tired of slicing, losing balls in the rough on the right and being the shortest hitter in your group, then this class is for you!
It takes place over 3 sessions on these dates
1. Friday 7th May 7-8pm
2. Friday 14th May 7-8pm
3. Friday 21st Mat 7-8pm
BOOK HERE: https://dunesgolfcentre.as.me/stopyourslicewithkirs

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 01346 510693 or reply to this email

We look forward to helping you enjoy playing your best golf.

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